What You Need to Know About Liver Transplant

A liver transplant surgery may be required when there is a danger of liver failure. This may occur in diseases like cirrhosis, Hepatitis B and C infection, chronic liver failure, alcoholic liver disease, liver cancer or in the condition of fatty liver disease. A senior liver transplant doctor in Delhi helps patients fight the medical condition and emerge victorious and healthy. The new liver that a patient gets is often from a deceased donor (in around 95% of cases). Living donors are often relatives or friends, who donate a portion of their liver to the patient. The liver of the donor will re-generate to its original size in a few months.

Liver Transplant Surgery

The surgical operation during which the liver is actually transplanted may take around 6 to 12 hours. As it may be obvious, a healthy person may recover from the surgery sooner than those with problems with health and immunity. Some of the common problems that affect the patient during liver transplantation include organ rejection for which the immunosuppressant drugs are prescribed.


Patients who get a new liver may get discharged from the hospital in a few weeks. They can resort and assume their normal life and responsibilities in a time period varying between 6 months to 1 year. If there is no organ rejection problem noticed, most of the patients complete their normal life without any complications. After liver transplantation, a person is as fit in physical and mental aspects as other normal people.

A senior liver transplant doctor in Delhi has the right experience, medical facilities, and knowledge to carry out liver transplantation surgery with expertise and precision. But it is important to follow the doctor advice carefully as the liver transplant itself may not be a guarantee of life and good health. Proper medicines, right diet, and certain lifestyle adaptations are necessary to ensure that your new liver is well received by your body and all the physiological functions run normally.